• The article is about the best crypto staking pools available in the market, and it provides five recommendations.
• These recommendations include Everstake, P2P, LYOTRADE, Stakin and MyCointainer.
• Each of these staking pools has different advantages such as APY, lock-up period, payout frequency, etc.

What is Staking?

Staking is a process where participants with a large number of tokens have a higher chance to validate transactions in a Proof of Stake (PoS) network. Stake pools are platforms that help crypto holders with smaller stakes participate in staking which will increase their chances of getting rewards.

Top 5 Crypto Staking Pools

Below are our top five recommendtions for staking pools:


Supported cryptocurrencies: 37 different coins and tokens.
APY: Depends on the cryptocurrency.

Lock-up period: Depends on the cryptocurrency.

Payout frequency: Depends on the cryptocurrency.

Type: Non-custodial.
Additional rewards: No.
Minimum/maximum staking amount: Depends on the cryptocurrency.

Everstake is a responsible validator trusted by 625k+ users across 70+ blockchain networks. It helps users stake directly from their respective wallets with an estimated 5% – 20% profit annually.


Supported cryptocurrencies: 26 different cryptocurrencies.
APY: between 4% and 50%.
Lock-up period: Depends on the cryptocurrency.
Payout frequency: Depends on the cryptocurrency.
Type: non-custodial.
Additional rewards: No.
Minimum/maximum staking amount :Depends on the cryptocurrency.

P2P provides secure non-custodial staking services for professional investors without requiring them to run nodes themselves. With an average uptime of 99%, users can stake ETH, DOT, SOL, ATOM, XTZ, ADA and all key tokens with P2P and earn profits up to 50%.


Supported cryptocurrencies : LYO Credit (LYO) and USDT .
APY : 24 % to 50 % .
Lock – up period :Depends on the coin but range from 360 days to 720 days .
Payout frequency :Depends on the lock – up period .
Type : Centralized ,with DEX Swap feature .
Additional rewards :The LYO Credit token earns reward through inflation , or community referral programs .
Minimum / maximum staking amount :Depends upon LYO credit token or USDT token held by investor..

LYOTRADE offers 24%-50% annual returns when you stake either USTD or LYOCredit tokens through its platform.. In addition to this , user also get benefit from inflationary rewards & referral program when they hold $LYO credit tokens..


Supported Cryptocurrencies : Over 30 Different Coins & Tokens .
APY : Up To 30 % Depending On The Network & Token Type . Lock-Up Periods For Some Networks Are As Long As 730 Days ! Payouts Frequency Is Also Dependent On The Network & Token Type Used For Stacking .. Type Of Pool Is Non Custodial . Additional Rewards Are Varying By Token & Network Used For Stacking .. Minimum / Maximum Amount Of Tokens To Be Stack Varies On Coin & Network Chosen For Stacking ..

Stakin offers 30% annual returns depending upon network & token used for stacking along with non custodial solution giving full control to user over his funds while stacking..In addition , there are varying additional reward based upon chosen network & token used for stacking..


Supported Cryptocurrencies : More Than 40 Different Coins And Tokens ..! APY : Up To 15 % Depending On The Currency Locked In .. Lock-Up Periods Range From 7 Days To 730 Days Depending Upon Currency Selected .. Payouts Frequency Varies From Instant Withdrawal To Monthly Distribution Based Upon Currency Locked In .. Type Is A Hybrid Pool Meaning That It Combines Both Traditional Mining And PoS (Proof Of Stock) Mining Allowing Users To Earn Both Block Rewards And Interest At Same Time … Additional Rewards Can Be Earned Through MyCointainer’s Loyalty Program Called “Power Plan” Where Those Who Hold Masternodes Have Opportunity To Receive Higher Rewards …. Minimum Amount Required For Joining This Pool Is 1000 MYCO Tokens Or Equivalent Value When Converted Into Other Currencies Such As BTC Or ETH …MyCointainer’s hybrid pool allows users to earn block rewards and interest at same time providing up to 15% return depending upon currency locked in along with loyalty program called „power plan“ offering higher returns…

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