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Ethereum om Berlijn-upgrade uit te rollen met 4 EIP’s

De lancering van het mainnet, die naar verwachting op 14 april zal plaatsvinden, bevat vier Ethereum-verbeteringsprotocollen.

Na maanden van planning heeft de Ethereum-gemeenschap een tijdlijn opgesteld voor de aanstaande upgrade van Berlijn, een belangrijke mijlpaal in de ontwikkelingsroadmap

Het is de bedoeling dat Berlijn live gaat op het Ethereum-mainnet in blok 12.244.000, of 14 april, schreef Tim Beiko maandag. Ropsten, het eerste testnet dat wordt geüpgraded, staat gepland voor 10 maart. De Goerli- en Rinkeby-netwerken zullen naar verwachting in stappen van een week worden geüpgraded op respectievelijk 17 maart en 24 maart.

Ethereum-node-operators wordt geadviseerd om zo snel mogelijk te upgraden naar een Berlijn-compatibele versie voor de drie testnets en vóór 7 april voor het mainnet. Beiko legde uit:

„Operators van Ethereum-knooppunten moeten hun knooppunten upgraden voorafgaand aan de vorkblokkering op de netwerken waaraan ze willen deelnemen. Vanwege de variabiliteit in de bloktijd, wordt het aanbevolen om een ​​aantal dagen voor de verwachte datum bij te werken.“
Beurzen , wallet-serviceproviders en Ether ( ETH ) -tokenhouders hoeven niets te doen om de upgrade mogelijk te maken.

In totaal worden vier Ethereum Improvement Protocols, of EIP’s, geïmplementeerd via Berlijn. Ze bevatten:

EIP-2565, wat de kosten van de ModExp-precompilatie verlaagt
EIP-2929, die bepaalde gaskosten verhoogt
EIP-2718, dat een nieuw transactietype introduceert
EIP-2930, inclusief een transactietype met optionele toegangslijsten.

Berlijn volgt de upgrades van Istanbul en Muir Glacier, die respectievelijk in december 2019 en januari 2020 plaatsvonden. De huidige upgrade is vernoemd naar Devcon 0, die plaatsvond in Berlijn. De volgende geplande upgrade van Ethereum zal Londen heten, waar Devcon 1 plaatsvond.

Ethereum zit nog steeds op het momentum van de uitrol van Ethereum 2.0 in december 2020 . Eth2 start een meerjarige upgrade van het blockchain-netwerk terwijl het probeert over te schakelen van zijn bestaande proof-of-work-consensus naar een proof-of-stake-model .

De ETH-prijs steeg maandag met 6,5% tot $ 1.767. Tegen de huidige waarden heeft Ethereum een ​​totale marktkapitalisatie van $ 201 miljard.

New Libra „Diem“ already faces possible legal action

To say that the development of Facebook’s stablecoins project is taking place in pain is an understatement. Libra renamed itself Diem, but a financial company of the same name has already made it known that it wants to take legal action to defend its brand name …

Diem already exists, and it’s not Libra

Libra announced its name change to „Diem “ a week ago. It was for the project to mark a distance with Bitcoin Aussie System. The „Zuckerberg Coin“ has indeed floundered since the announcement of its launch, and its release has been repeatedly postponed, in the face of regulators who have shown particularly strong hostility.

But this “rebranding” already comes up against a pitfall that could lead to a lawsuit for the “Diem Association” . There is indeed already a financial application by the name of Diem, and she does not intend to let it go, as she explained in a statement .

The CEO of Diem expressed his surprise:

“We were stunned to learn that Facebook’s Libra Foundation had chosen to change its name to Diem. We are currently considering our legal options . “

An upcoming legal battle?

Chris Adelsbach, one of the investors who backed the launch of European startup Diem, told Sifted media outlet that it was probably not an oversight on the part of Facebook and Libra:

“It wouldn’t have taken a lot of effort for Facebook to realize that there is another Diem in the financial services industry. They obviously took the side of saying “ We can just crush them , we are Facebook.” “

It will also be recalled that this is not the first pitfall of this type facing the stablecoin project. He had already been accused of having „borrowed“ the design of his logo in October 2019, and had to change it.

The original Diem company will therefore send Facebook or the Diem Association a letter of formal notice . The follow-up to this case will depend on the response of the social media giant …

Bitcoin price at $180,000: Top Bloomberg Analyst with BTC forecast for 2021

Bitcoin (BTC) rate is a deflationary currency that is generally expected to rise in price.

In the long run, this has always occurred so far. On the picture Bitcoin coins in front of a smartphone price graph.

The recent increases in the Bitcoin Future have led to one question in particular: What happens if the all-time high is exceeded? – At this point there is widespread speculation and interpretation. While some people say that it will end at $50,000, there are those who consider a Bitcoin price of $150,000 – $300,000 to be realistic.

One of these voices comes from Top Bloomberg Senior Analyst Mike McGlone, whose focus is usually on commodity trading.

Bitcoin price at USD 180,000 according to Bloomberg Analyst

Is the Bitcoin course able to achieve six-digit price targets? – In Mike McGlone’s opinion, the answer is definitely yes.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the Senior Analyst spoke about the historical Bitcoin performance, which he uses as a basis for a future forecast of the Bitcoin price.

In the short term, 20,000 USD is a good resistance. I am afraid that Bitcoin will do exactly what Gold did. It reached $2,000 and then consolidated despite a bull market.

But despite these worries that BTC will go into a sideways phase when it reaches its all-time high, McGlone sees greater chances for a new all-time high. So he continued:

The thing is this: Bitcoin has simply added a „1“ to the beginning of the price this year. At the beginning of the year Bitcoin was still at $7,000. Next year it could well be that a „0“ is added at the end.

The analyst estimates that the Bitcoin share price is capable of growing by a factor of 10x from today’s perspective.

Bullrun 2020 not comparable with all-time high from 2017

In the course of the interview, McGlone names further key factors that make BTC so unique as a crypto currency. The analyst is not only concerned with descriptive characteristics such as scarcity, but also with financial characteristics.

In his opinion, a good point is the decreasing volatility compared to the stock markets. To put it differently: Bitcoin volatility is slowly approaching the stock markets, which makes the asset more stable.

Bitcoin is becoming the Digital Gold. A key factor is the decreasing 180-day volatility compared to gold. The volatility of all other risky assets has increased while that of BTC is decreasing.

The analyst also talks about the reasons for the current bull market and sees a development of the entire market. The bull run of the Bitcoin price in 2017 was largely based on FOMO. The mass of private investors discovered BTC for the first time and invested.

The current rise, however, is much more due to investors from Wall Street. McGlone even speaks here of a „Wall Street FOMO“, which is triggered by quantitative easing.

I trader dicono che il livello di $15.5K è „cruciale“ dopo che il prezzo Bitcoin scende sotto la parabola

Il prezzo del Bitcoin è sceso sotto la parabola sulle 12 ore, ma i trader non chiedono ancora una grande correzione.

Durante il fine settimana numerosi trader hanno fatto notare che il prezzo del Bitcoin (BTC) ha interrotto la sua parabolica tendenza al rialzo che risale a settembre. Gli analisti tecnici si stanno preparando per un ritiro come il consolidamento degli occhi di cripto-valuta dominante.

Bitcoin potrebbe ancora vedere una forte ripresa dopo la chiusura settimanale se ci sarà una continuazione del rally. Ma dovrebbe rientrare rapidamente in parabola o rischiare una potenziale correzione al ribasso.
Gli operatori individuano in 15.500 dollari il livello chiave per mantenere l’encierro

Dall’inizio di settembre, la Bitcoin si è continuamente radunata senza grandi correzioni. In genere, durante l’andamento dei tori, la BTC ha storicamente registrato cali dal 20% al 30%. C’è la possibilità che si verifichi un grande ritiro se BTC non riesce a rientrare nella parabola.

Secondo il grafico dei prezzi Bitcoin a 12 ore condiviso dal trader pseudonimo „Altcoin Psycho“, BTC è ora fuori dai 2 mesi di anticipo parabolico.

La tendenza non indica necessariamente che BTC vedrebbe una profonda correzione a breve termine. Piuttosto, significa semplicemente che una tendenza potrebbe formarsi man mano che i mercati si raffreddano.
Parabola sul grafico dei prezzi Bitcoin a 12 ore. Fonte: TradingView, Altcoin Psycho

Ad esempio, l’analista tecnico di lunga data John Bollinger ha affermato che BTC probabilmente si tirerà indietro o si consoliderà. Considerando che BTC si trova in cima alle Bande di Bollinger, BTC si trova in territorio di ipercomprato.

Ma c’è sempre la possibilità che BTC possa vedere un rally più forte a breve termine in una struttura tecnica diversa.

La rottura della tendenza al rialzo parabolico significa semplicemente l’emergere di una nuova struttura di mercato. Resta da vedere se questo significhi l’emergere di una tendenza al ribasso o un rally più ampio.

Nel prossimo futuro, Michael van de Poppe, un trader a tempo pieno alla Borsa di Amsterdam, ha detto che 15.500 dollari sono la chiave. Ha detto che se BTC scende al di sotto di essa, è possibile una grande correzione. Ha scritto:

„Il mercato in generale è a un bivio. Scendendo al di sotto dei $15.500 e suppongo che vedremo una correzione tra i mercati con $BTC che potrebbe arrivare a $13.000 o meno“.

Gli analisti tecnici sono generalmente cauti nel prevedere una chiara direzione a breve termine a causa dell’incertezza del mercato. Ci sono forti probabilità che BTC possa salire continuamente verso l’alto o vedere un forte calo dei prezzi.

Se Bitcoin scende sotto i 15.500 dollari, tuttavia, significherebbe che la probabilità che BTC verifichi bassi livelli di supporto è alta.

Sul grafico settimanale, le due principali medie mobili a breve termine (AM) si trovano a 13.967 e 12.390 dollari. Anche se il grafico settimanale non deve risalire alle AM, nei precedenti cicli di tori, ci sono stati casi in cui il grafico settimanale ha ritestato AM inferiori.
La variabile è la vendita di balene BTC

Dal 10 novembre, la borsa dei Gemelli ha registrato depositi insolitamente elevati. Ciò indica tipicamente che le balene si stanno muovendo per vendere le loro partecipazioni per ottenere profitti.

Un analista pseudonimo noto come „Barbanera“ ha detto che un importo insolitamente alto di $BTC è stato trasferito nei portafogli di Gemini“ il 10 novembre, riferendosi ai dati di CryptoQuant.

Il 15 novembre, come riportato dal Cointelegraph, i depositi di Gemini hanno registrato un nuovo picco, che potrebbe portare a una maggiore pressione di vendita a breve termine.

Nel prossimo futuro, se BTC fa fatica a riprendersi, la pressione di vendita delle balene e dei minatori rimarrà una variabile importante.